Los Camachos New Era

Los Chamacos

Performance time:
11:00 pm
Band Members

Edward Ordoñez- Bass/Lead Vocals
Roel Joslin- Bajo Sexto/Vocals
Ruben Mendoza- Drums/Vocals
Gilbert Fierros- Percussion/Animación/Vocals
Hugo Moreno- Accordion/Second Vocal


Los Chamacos Have Been a Powerhouse Tejano/Conjunto Showband for Decades. Owned by Roel Joslin and Led by Lead Vocalist/Bass Edward Ordoñez, Drummer Ruben Mendoza, Percussionist/Animador Gilbert Fierros, and Newcomer Mr Hugo Moreno Accordionist and Second Vocal, This Band has over 92 Years of History Performing under One Name and One Name only...... “CHAMACOS”.

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